The Newsroom (2012)

The Newsroom (IMDB)

Aaron Sorkin’s return to television comes in the shape of The Newsroom, a drama centered around a difficult news anchor and the shake up in both his personal and professional life following a claim that America is not the greatest country in the world circulated via a viral video.

With the pilot, Sorkin set down his marker, showing he has not lost any of the wit and zip in his dialogue that has made him hot property around the film circuit. The show has Sorkin’s fingerprints all over it – from the opening scene melt-down to the now trademark dialogue that won him an Acadamy Award.

The Newsroom has a bite about it. There can be much read into the politics of the show but its the orientation of a modern newsroom that takes center stage. Following a story breaking, all manner of modern techniques (including updating Twitter feeds) are used to exhaust every avenue of leads. When compared with All The Presidents Men, it is clear to see how technology has moved forward in the media industry.

The screenplay aside, the pilot is a promising start to a series that already has been granted a renewal by HBO. This could be down to the very skilled performances by the cast – especially Jeff Daniels’ Will McAvoy with his inevitable will-they-wont-they relationship with Emily Mortimer’s McKenzie.

The groundwork has been set with a gripping, humourous and intelligent pilot for what could be an award winning show. One simply hopes that it is given the chance to breathe and grow into what has the potential to be a modern classic.


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