Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Despicable Me 2 IMDB

Picking up where the previous film left off, Despicable Me 2 shows the other side of the coin, what happens when a villain ceases to be a villain? He becomes a hero of course! Dealing with a life outside the super-villain game and being a father has pushed Gru toward a life of making ‘delicious jams and jellies’ – of course, he’s getting help from his trusty minions. However the Anti-Villain League pull Gru out of retirement because of his evil past – but he’s more distracted by his adoptive daughters to find them a step-mother. Despicable Me 2 is one of those films that transports you into its world. Lets disregard logic and common sense and enjoy the stupidity and hilarious immaturity of the Gru and his Minions.

It doesn’t fall into the animated sequel banner of changing for changing sake, a will-they-won’t-they-but-we-all-know-they-will with Kristen Wiig’s Anti-Villain League agent Lucy feeling like a natural progression from the first film and is a solid character in her own right. The film references many films and popular culture whilst remaining on the right side of parody (just look out for the musical number at the end – hilarious).

The minions – voiced by directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud – again, steal the show. They are the true stars of the show whilst still maintaining a backseat to the action – they’re great for little sketches but may not be able to carry the film without the human characters.

What we have in Despicable Me is one of those rare children’s franchises that doesn’t have ‘kid jokes’ and ‘adult jokes’ they simply have ‘jokes’. The franchise is fun, engaging and there are several ‘laugh out loud’ moments to be had. The screening of children were well-behaved which is a clear sign of the films quality and ability to keep attention. Finally, the minions are truly the best part of the film the cinema almost audibly waited with bated breath for the next simple, yet hilarious joke. Anybody that’s seen the film – even the trailer – will remember it for one simple word….’bottom’.


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