The Wolverine (2013)

The Wolverine (IMDB)

Hugh Jackman returns for a fifth (sixth if you count X-Men: First Class) outing as the eponymous rugged, clawed lone wolf who finds himself whisked away to Bangkok and subsequently mixed up in a kidnapping.

Given the production troubles – such as the change of director – it’d be usual to assume that the resulting film would end up being a little all over the place. However, the finished article is a lean, entertaining and brooding film with a good sense of fun.

Jackman, as always in this character, is endlessly watchable and brings a charisma that carries a lesser film – so in an entertaining film, his charisma only serves to heighten the experience. Whilst the story is not necessarily the most original, taking it to Bangkok seems fresh and adds a different layer, especially with the talk of Logan as a ronin.

When a film begins with the nuclear exploding of Nagasaki, in theory, it’d seem hard to match the level of intensity and action given within the first few frames; however the film manages this with consummate ease. This is not to say that it is without flaws however they’re forgiven due to the pace and intelligence of the story.

It may be a case that the film concentrates  a little too much on the intensity of Logan and a bit less on the action sequences that could surprise summer audiences expecting an action beat every ten minutes or so. That being said, the film is not without its action – it begins with a nuclear explosion!

All in all, The Wolverine is enjoyable and zips through its running time without many dull moments. This film has demonstrated that Wolverine can carry a film on his own and sets us up perfectly for the upcoming X-Men film – Days of Future Past.


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