Rush (2013)

Rush (IMDB)

Ron Howard’s Formula One drama based around the 1976 season and the rivalry of Niki Lauda and James Hunt provides the intensity and passion involved with the sport.

Coming from a Formula One fan, Rush provides a fantastic and visceral view of the racing where the speed and danger of exactly what the drivers put themselves through is very clearly conveyed. The key to this is the volume and sound that hits its audience square on. The sound of the cars is utterly mesmeric and really gives the adrenaline pump needed whilst simultaneously ensuring a level of fear for the safety of our central characters.

Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl as Hunt and Lauda respectively portray the two sides of the coin. On one hand, Hemsworth’s Hunt is a charming party boy who has a drink in one arm and a woman on the other provides a great juxtaposition to the considered, calculating and precise performance from Bruhl. The chemistry between the two gives us the backbone of the film – there is always space for a great rival to improve yourself.

This being the second collaboration between director Ron Howard and writer Peter Morgan (The Queen, The Dammed United) – the first being the gripping Frost/Nixon – there are certainly similarities between the two: a battle between the two main characters of wits and determination that are both the same in very different ways.

The lasting effect of the Rush is the thunderous sound of the cars and racing. Yes the representation of Formula One in the 1970s is detailed and brought to life – even though there are very few characters within the world, the life breathed into this is magnificent. A special mention here for Christian McKay as Alexander Hesketh – every moment he’s on screen, he simply commands it.

Rush is a very entertaining, highly enjoyable adrenaline ride that puts its audience firmly in the cars with its lead characters – we feel the wind, hear the sound and experience the thrill. As a whole, the film is not perfect but a very entertaining and thought-provoking way to be introduced to the world of Formula One.


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